Pléneuf Val-André, Erquy, les Sables d’Or, Cap Fréhel,  Dinan, Sain-Malo, Bréhat …

In the vicinity : Pléneuf, Erquy, Fréhel…

The seaside resort of Pléneuf Val-André

golf à pléneuf Val-André

Enjoy its immense beach and its promenade, its boating harbour and old Dahouet quay, its golf course, its casino and its numerous restaurants and boutiques, its water sports, its old sailing boats, its walks on the customs footpaths, its festivities, its shows and its arts; everything is radiant with conviviality .


golf à pléneuf Val-André

Erquy, a small port harbour for scallop fishing and its headland overlooking the bay.

Fort-Lalatte, at the Cap Fréhel

golf à pléneuf Val-André

The ” Fort la Latte ” and cape Fréhel ,grandiose seascapes ,perched on impressive cliffs of pink sandstone.


Moncontour, petite cité de caractère

Moncontour, a medieval village surrounded by numerous castles and parks to visit.

Within an hour : Saint-Malo, Dinan, la côte de granit rose…

Wonderful île de Bréhat

Moncontour, petite cité de caractère
The ile de Bréhat deserves a day or at least an afternoon visit to discover this archipelago of islands covered with flowers and pink rocks.

Ploumanach, and la Côte de Granit Rose

Moncontour, petite cité de caractère
The pink Granite coast, an amazing rocky shoreline sculpted by the sea over millions of years.

The corsair city of Saint-Malo

Moncontour, petite cité de caractère
Dinard, Saint Malo and its ramparts around the corsair city.

The medieval town of Dinan

Moncontour, petite cité de caractère
Dinan a medieval town with so many half- timbered houses, artists and craftsman has a marina on the river Rance, sea walls and a castle.

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